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The French Open Championships in Tennis at Roland Garros this year showed clearly the extraordinary courage that is a large part of what makes a winner!

So many factors are in play to become the winner at a Tennis Grand Slam Tournament like Roland Garros. Succeed when you are not “supposed to.”
Stan Wawrinka and Novak Djokovic clearly showed us in this years more than 3 hour lasting final.

Winner Factors

And surprise, it is not even the strokes you can perform that are the most important.

In a match it is the way you use whatever strokes you have plus your mindsetting abilities.

Many very good players fail to win the match of their dreams because they “in fear” loose that small piece of extra courage it takes to execute the game that makes the big difference.

Surplus of Courage

This years Championships at Roland Garros showed in both mens singles finals and women’s singles a surplus of courage and mindset by the players.

Stan Wawrinka had a hard task facing the world’s number one Novak Djokovic. Both players would have to show their best to win.

And so they did.

10 Points Wawrinka and Djokovic Use:

Here are ten points with some of the ingredient they both added to this final:

✓ Dare to have the confidence to serve a risky second serve when necessary

Do something different to change the status when what you are doing doesn’t bring you anywhere.

Go for your best shot even if it is risky

✓ Find extraordinary focus when needed

✓ Keep your head clear and not get anxious, impatient, thinking too much and blurring what you are going for.

✓ Letting go of frustration

✓ Keep the adrenalin running

✓ Going enough for it even on the “easy” points

✓ Be able to work your way back into the match – change the momentum, or rather find it again-

✓ Make your startling points when it really matters, like a match point

These abilities are all part of the courage to be a winner.

And the public at Roland Garros got plenty of this watching Wawrinka use everything to beat the world’s number one Novak Djokovic and thereby become the winner of one of the four Tennis Grand Slams.

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